Saturday, 20 September 2014

Peak District

Hi guys! So this is my second day in a row of blogging, so far so good!
So the last time I was blogging, I tried to make it more focused on fashion and beauty but this time around I thought I would try and make it more lifestyle-orientated like it was when I first started out. I used to absolutely love writing and keeping this up to date so I'm trying to recapture that feeling.
So anyway, last weekend me and Will went to Sheffield and the Peak District, and we had such a lovely time. I had to pop down to Sheffield Hallam to pick up my collection, portfolio and sketchbooks. It was so wonderful being back and it breaks my heart knowing I'm not moving back there this month like normal! We actually nipped into the halls of residence that we lived in in our first year, where Will's brother has just moved in too. The feeling of nostalgia was so overwhelming, I think my first year of uni was the best year of my life! I may even write a blog post on it at some point! 
We just stayed in the travelodge in the town centre and we ate at the new buffet restaurant Cosmo, which I didn't enjoy but Will certainly did... Although my large cosmopolitan afterwards cheered me right up! On the night we went out to The Leadmill, my fave bar in the whole of Sheffield aside from West Street Live of course! 
On the second day, we thought we'd be a little adventurous and head out to the Peak District. This is something we always wanted to do while we were at uni but I couldn't drive (...and still can't) and Will never had a car! So we ended up stumbling across a gorgeous little place called Castleton, which had huge and interesting caves, an old castle and lots of cute little shops and pubs. We wandered around for ages and had the most lovely time! 
I didn't want the weekend to end, although next week we are off to Manchester to see Ryan Adams, then to Will's house in Grimsby then off to London for my best friend Naomi's birthday so lots to look forward too! Watch this space, hopefully more blog posts to come!

Friday, 19 September 2014

I'm Back...Again!

Hey everyone, yes I am back, yet again. Now for those of you who have been following me for a few years, you will know that I am literally the worst blogger in existence.
I'm not going to spend ages catching you up with what I've been up too for the past year or so as we will be here for the foreseeable future. What I will say though, is that I have now finished university and now hold a Fashion Design degree, waheyy! I am now back living in the North East, temporarily hopefully and working a boring 9-5 job while I save up some money and relax for a while! 
So this is just a little post to say hello to you all and to slowly ease myself back in to the world of blogging. Hopefully now I have more time on my hands and a lack of uni stress, I will actually be able to keep this up! 
Expect some fashion, beauty, life style and general rambling posts.... Hopefully!